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Looking for the smartest and most cost effective way to own a car?

FullNovation is a convenient program that packages fleet discounts on new cars, reduced servicing, maintenance and repair costs without you having to drive all over town. The team at beCarWise have a passion for all things cars and can help you make an informed decision when considering your situation.

With a Novated Lease, whether it's new or used, for work or pleasure, you can pay for your car and its running costs using pre-tax dollars.

Plus, you won't pay GST on the purchase price, repayments, fuel, insurance or servicing. One simple payment from your salary covers everything - making it easy and potentially saving thousands in tax.

FullNovation allows you to effectively finance, run and insure your vehicle the most tax effective way possible.

Save on GST

Packaging a novated lease through your salary allows you to save on GST.

Fleet Discounts

beCarWise will secure you a great deal on your new car through our fleet and volume discounts on all makes and models.

Reduce your Income Tax

Costs of running your car are taken from your pre-tax salary therefore reducing your income tax.

Fuel Card

Discounts on servicing, tyres and batteries plus the convenience of no cash needed when filling up.

Simplify Budgeting

Packaging your car running costs avoids the annual cash flow bumps from registration, insurance and servicing.

Two Cars in the Family

Yes you can novate a second car and increase your benefits.